Monday, August 08, 2005


Gretch got her results today...she passed! It took about seven weeks of sleepless nights, frustration, and worry, but it is official. The test website went crazy over the weekend with people receiving results. She didn't stay at work too long today because she wanted to get to the mailbox. I was on the phone while she opened it and thought I was going to pass out myself.
She is a certified medical dosimetrist.
The Profession
After the Radiation Oncologist has consulted with the patient on their plan of cancer treatment, he/she will write a prescription of radiation dose to a defined tumor volume. The medical dosimetrist will then design a treatment plan by means of computer and/or manual computation to determine a treatment field technique that will deliver that prescribed radiation dose. When designing that plan, also taken into consideration are the dose-limiting structures. These structures could include the eye when treating the brain, the heart when treating the lung, or the spinal cord when it is included in the area of treatment.

Next up, becoming a physicist. Not really, because if she gets any idea about continuing, I am supposed to remind her about the last 6 months of study that took place.

We are going out to celebrate tonight!! I am soooooooo happy!


At 7:30 AM , Blogger Star said...

That is fantastic.How wonderful that she passed! And what a relief! I hope this means that the two of you can relax together now.


At 10:05 PM , Anonymous Becky said...

Thanks Michelle!

It was a long six months, but I guess it was worth it. I think we will be celebrating for awhile.



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