Sunday, August 07, 2005

I Left Them at the Mall

We lost the two seven year olds at the fair. My sister, gretch, and I each went a separate way and Gretch found them walking hand in hand down the street. One was hysterical, but the other was quite calm. They were afraid to ask for help for fear of being kidnapped. That appears to be a trend. We have frightened kids so bad that they are afraid of asking for help.

Today we went to Build a Bear at the mall. We had to build five bears in the midst of fifty other people. Then my niece who is four decides her stomach hurts and starts wailing. My sister took them all off to the bathroom while the teenage cousin and I watched the five bear boxes. I think she was mortified.
My sister came back and said the four year old was sick and needed to stay near a bathroom. I was at my wits end and so was she as our other sister decided to stay at my best friend's house to rest and it was her kid that was sick.

I have a long cut on my leg from the fight between the dogs when they met Friday night. A leash wrapped around my leg and took the skin right off.

I think everyone in the end had fun, but that is enough family togetherness for awhile.
The neighbors with the house for sale asked if I was gay, but my family didn't.
It would be a miracle if this all made sense, but at this point It doesn't concern me much. If Rosie can write the way she does, then I can write like this tonight.


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