Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I think it was the Bailey's Irish Cream

This post was to be about QAF/L Word, but the crab leg dinner lasted longer than expected. A couple of weeks ago, right before our New York trip, we promised to meet up with 4 other couples at Bastille Days. We had totally ignored everyone because of the test. Well, meeting up with all of those people who were exclusively our friends was extremely awkward. So, we are trying to make it up by going out separately now.

Tonight, we did dinner with another lesbian couple who have been Gretchen's friends for many years. They are a couple you want to go out and have fun with. It is hard to be serious with them and it was just what we needed. Our conversations got crazier as the evening continued. Of course, as the hours passed by, it occurred to me that we were getting kind of giggly and loud and it possibly had to do with the alcohol everyone was drinking. I don't normally drink, but I tried a bailey's and it was great. Creamy and without the strong taste, I didn't have any trouble drinking two.
After dinner we moved to the bar and I am quite sure we were very entertaining to the other customers. We started talking politics and somehow got on the topic of acceptance. Since a couple of us were crisis counselors we talked about our toughest cases. One was a man who claimed to be a lesbian. I believe that was an L Word topic at one point, but nobody could remember it. I tried to argue that the person would just be a crossdresser, but was quite obviously proven wrong. Anyway, his wife drank antifreeze and died because she was so upset, but he was concerned with having the counseling center pay for his hair removal treatments. The police had to interview the counselors because they thought he may have murdered her. Not one of my cases.

I know we also got into religion and Gretch brought up her E=MC Squared theory like the true scientist she is and we were laughing all over again.

We then decided to ask this poor guy if he thought we might be liberal or conservative. The guy was loving the interest we took in him a little too much. He thought we looked liked moderate people, but we decided that he was probably thinking he was going to get something out of the situation. Sorry buddy, lesbian night at the crab house. hehe
Our waiter was gay, he got a huge tip from us.

Tomorrow I will give my two cents on the Showtime shows qaf and the l word.


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