Thursday, August 11, 2005

QAF/L Word

I loved this show and was not disappointed with the ending. I knew it would disappoint people because it did not send everyone off to a happy coupled relationship. Americans always think they need this kind of ending even though life doesn't work like that. I think you have to use your imagination to understand how the characters might continue with their lives. I am used to foreign films, I used to be the same way.

The same hold true with Babylon. I didn't take the last scene as one in which Babylon is rebuilt. I saw it as a celebration of the place/the characters lives. Brian and Michael dancing is an excellent scene and one I could watch over and over.
I like what the writers did with Melanie, Lindsay and the children. In the end they do what they think is best for their family after everything they had been through. Although a part of me has that "stay and fight" attitude," I understand the need to leave. Besides Michelle Clunie is....
a very good actress indeed. hehe

This show has taken on what nobody dared try before successfully accomplishing its goal with well thought out characters, the kind you would like to sit around and laugh with and have in your own life.
I hope somebody picks up this type of programming again. It will be missed.

L Word

The quote from Alice: "Some of us have it worse Dana you know, some of us are dating lesbian men." I knew this came up on the L word!

Well, ok.... the first season was pretty good. There seems to be a character for everyone to relate to in some way. I loved Dana's scenes with her parents and Alice when she was trying to come out. The comments were hilarious.

Jenny and Marina were fun to watch, they should have kept Marina and developed the story line a little more, or at least show a few more of those bathroom scenes. Can't believe I am writing that.
I think I understand a little about what they are trying to make the Jenny character like, but they are not quite pulling it off. She is getting harder to watch. In the second season, I loved the scenes between her and her writing teacher Charlotte Birch, but they never continued the storyline.

Continuity is always a problem with the show. Along with Charlotte, I think they left us hanging with Ivan and Veronica Bloom. They put on guest characters for a couple episodes and don't follow through. It doesn't work for me.

I really loved the characters of Bette and Tina, but that strange affair Bette had made Tina into a basket case. She apparently likes to be lead around by strong willed people like Helena. It makes Tina appear weak and that is a negative aspect to the newly reunited couple. Helena and her odd choice of woman who get pregnant is over the top. I don't care for it.
I wish they would focus more on careers and issues and cut the cheating a little bit. I know it is part of drama, but it just seems to be getting a little trashy.
I have seen the spoilers for season three. I am not so sure they are turning this around and focusing on stronger character development.
We shall see. I won't quit watching, it is a guilty pleasure if nothing else.


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