Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Losing It

I'm really not adjusting well to working two jobs. I was so tired on the way home last night from school. After 14 hours of work I just wanted to grab a sandwich from the store down the block. Not even through the door I noticed a parent. I just couldn't face another person. I am so tired of the trivial little things that people say to me that cause me to second guess everything I do.

I was hoping that G was already in bed because I know this week she has long days starting at 6 at the hospital with many procedures. (procedure days=scrubs...very hot ;)

So, I am not sure when I will be writing. I am not sure how I can even function at all after working so much. People think it is easy with the kids, but until the boys go back it isn't. On top of all the cleaning, laundry and entertainment I have to come up with, football practice started yesterday. I don't sit down for a minute the entire day. I actually lost another three pounds this week. However, my heart has been racing a bit more than I like and so this is worrisome.

This complaint style of writing is why I need to not write until I get a better grip on things.
Please dear God let me figure this out.


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