Friday, September 02, 2005


I have heart some of the most unintelligent comments over the past few days. It really boggles the mind how people can be so uneducated.
Everyone has opinions about the city of New Orleans as it was. It is hard to explain to people that have never been there. It is in so many ways different from other cities. There is an extreme amount of poverty that enveloped the city. It has a high crime rate. You do not just go walking down the street as you do in other places. The only other city where I have seen so many homeless people is San Francisco. There is little middle class. You have the rich that live in the garden district areas and the tourists. You can't expect people to up and leave a place where they most likely haven't left in the past ten years.
I remember when we went out on a swamp tour and saw houses sitting in the swamps. The tour guide told the group that these people do no leave the area. They have never even been into the city, it does not exist to them.

I think as a country we need to evaluate the importance of certain agendas. We focus on such ridiculousness that when the nation is in turmoil we can not handle it.

The media has been criticized and so now they focus on heroes and religious organizations. I can't stand religious leaders talking about rescuing souls at this moment.

We have pictures all over the condo of our favorite city. So many memories. I wonder what happened to the gatekeeper of the garden district cemetery. He is a poor survivor who gives the best tours under the radar of the real tour companies. He knows facts about the city that others might not because the city is in his blood. We give him money everytime we visit because he works to the best of his ability. If anyone knows how to survive it is him.


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