Sunday, September 04, 2005

Reality Sets In

Ok, so we are totally depressed. We tried to do something different to forget for a few hours and went to see The Constant Gardener. Not a good choice to be cheered up. I turned to Gretch when the little African girl ran off the rescue plane and said, "thanks a lot, same story, different country." Friday night we went to the Brewer game. I kept commenting about sleeping there the next five nights. It is jut unimaginable to me.
I really don't understand our government.
So, we need to decide what to do about the tickets and reservations. It looks like we need to try and get our money back, or at the least see if we can travel somewhere else. This is not a big deal compared to those who lost everything. If there was a way to go down and do something we would.
Today we are going to a festival in our city. A band that we go to see a couple times in the summer months is playing this afternoon. We bought the CD a while back. The lead singer sounds so much like Melissa Ethridge, it is amazing.


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