Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Just general thoughts today. Back to everyday life, although still very sad.

It is so different being with just the baby. She isn't really a baby, at two years old she is very vocal and opinionated. She is under the influence of two older brothers. She asks for them all day long and it is kind of sad without them. I remember when her oldest brother now nine was her age. He was kind of hard to deal with, as he would whine and cry a lot and didn't talk very much. It is so much easier with second and third born children.
So I make breakfast for the boys, get everyone dressed in matching decent clothing, wake the baby and get her breakfast and dressed then it is off to school.
The damn car pool line comes next. Last year after one day in the line and being late for work I parked illegally for the rest of the year. I went back today and was fairly successful. The first grader is fearful of the older kids and so we wait for his best friend to show up and they walk together holding hands. It is very cute, but I am just waiting for some sixth grader to make a comment.

After we drop them off, it is back to the house to clean, do laundry, and do things two year olds like to engage in. We sing a lot of songs, cook in the play kitchen, etc. I must admit, I am still not sure about January and Febuary with dark snowy days one right after another. We are outside a lot now and that will not happen soon. Today I got stung by a wasp at the park. I haven't been stung since I was about ten years old and I got stung six times because I ran past a nest in our yard. It really does hurt and swell up.

Late afternoon we go back to school and pick up the boys. Unfortunately, my best friend is in the habit of letting the boys play with their friends after school. That means talking to other moms. We have to wait in the library until the bell rings and then wait an insane amount of time until each class arrives. I was asked numerous time if I would let the kids play today. We have to get to football practice in twenty minutes so it isn't possible except for Mondays and Fridays right now. I am not pleased about this. I am not a socially inclined person. I do not feel the need to join any of the little groups of moms that have developed. I am automatically popular because the kids are popular. I was never one to be popular and I didn't really care. One mom tries so hard, but it just isn't going to happen. I like her because she does all the talking and I can just nod and she loves the attention. The three blondes, well I just avoid them at all costs. They happen to be the mothers of the nine year olds best friends. Just snooty if you ask me. I have nothing to say to them.
So we fly off to football and I field questions about positions, gear, etc. Today I spent two hours at different sports stores trying to find shoulder pads. I was in charge of finding the uniform, cleats, filling the water bottle and making sure a clean white t-shirt was available and in the car so he could change on the way.

By the time he is dropped off it is 4:30 and I have to go home get a snack for the younger two and finish any cleaning that remains. At 5:30 I leave. Some days, like tomorrow and Thursday, I will head off to school for a couple hours. It is exhausting. Twelve to fourteen hours of continuous activity.
I have to contact many parents this week to set up volunteers for a bunch of work. I will do tons of training and then have people back out because it is too much work. Oh well, I would rather just do it myself anyway.

When I was in line checking out at a sports equipment store today I heard the check out person ask someone for their zip code. The guy rattled off a number and said, "that would be New Orleans." He took out his ID and he had a police badge that said Jefferson Parish on it. He was an older man and so I am assuming he is retired. He bought five flags, the kind you attach to your car so they fly in the wind. If I was more social I would have started a conversation. I watched him leave in a van with Louisiana plates. He had some other people with him. I wish I knew more.

Life goes on.


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