Sunday, September 18, 2005

Out With The Boys Part 1

The night out with the boys was an event that happens once in a lifetime. It was late in the year, J and and I were already finished speaking, (although she was still with me most moments of the day)and Gretch was on the horizon, if I had not already received an email or two from her.
I was conversing with a woman through email who lived out of town, but had a gay nephew who was going to have his birthday in a few days and wanted his aunt to join him for a night out on the town. He was going to invite a bunch of his gay friends to go bar hopping in the cities gay neighborhood.
Mary and I had chatted a few times, but I didn't feel any kind of connection to her. She was always talking about her car and how she was fixing it, and by this time I knew I was attracted to feminine women. Our education backgrounds didn't match so our conversations had been limited to daily activities. So, when she called and asked if I wanted to join her that Saturday night with a bunch of guys for a night out, I declined. She was disappointed and asked if I would consider it for a few days and decide later in the week. She really felt it would be more fun to have another female along, and she thought I would like the guys as they were a lot of fun.
When she called back later in the week, I decided I would go because I wanted to meet some guys and see some of the gay bars in the city. This was looking like a great opportunity. The year was all about broadening my horizons, stepping out of the proverbial box, so why not try to meet some people and see what happened.

On Friday, I realized I had no idea what to wear the next evening. The only thing that came to mind was to just be myself, isn't that the usual catch phrase in instances such as this. I laughed at the thought of who I was, and decided I needed a quick image change.

I had already been changing over the past year. I lost weight, grew longer hair, got blonde highlights, and lost the teacher clothes, adding some stylish ones that would give me more confidence when meeting new people.

The problem was my jacket, purse, and little things like jewelry. I kind of knew how I wanted to look, but I wasn't quite there. That evening after work, I went on a mad dash to buy the little things. That was pretty easy, but I struggled with the jacket. I had recently seen the leather jacket that my sister had received as a gift and thought that something comparable would be attractive and different. I found some nice looking ones, but they were very expensive and I was a little frustrated because I was sure this was the image I wanted. I finally decided that it was worth the cost and I purchased one for a couple hundred dollars. I took my things home and spent the rest of the night up in my bedroom trying on a million different outfits to get the perfect ensemble for the next evening. Craziness!

Ok, I have to stop right here and now because I just commented on how hot Ellen's girlfriend is looking tonight on the Emmys and I got the evil eye from my own girlfriend. She did cook a fabulous chicken rice dish this evening at my request and so I need to go pay some attention to her. To be continued..


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