Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm exhausted this evening as it was a school half day and I had half the neighborhood with me. It was really hot which I am not complaining about because I know we don't have many of these days left, but I don't think I sat down once today.

Gretch had the meeting with the boss today that she has been planning since passing the boards. She is asking for a raise and some other things which she deserves since she passed. So, she takes in a bunch of info from a competing place that is hiring, such as a bigger salary, partner benefits, better equipment and some statistics from a national survey on benefits. She lays it all out on the table and requests that the boss go to bat for her in the HR dept.

The boss " Please don't think this is about being gay. Partner benefits are not a right that you should get because it could be applied in different ways. For example, maybe I have a roommate that is going through a hard time and needs to be covered. I could just sign that person up and as you can see we would end up covering a lot of people. You know my son and I went without health insurance and so we know what you are going through."

Don't fucking bring up yourself in a meeting such as this. Nobody gives a damn about your previous life.

More important, really think about what you might be saying before you say it. It is about being gay and it always will be. It is total discrimination to not offer a benefit to a gay couple that other married couples get. Call it what it is.

I think G was very hurt by the whole thing. I am too. Not that we thought the meeting would change anything, but we didn't expect that response. I told G that she should have gotten that response in writing. Is that truly company policy, or is it that of that sorry excuse for middle management that should be wiped off of the payroll.

On that thought I will call it a night. Happier times to come.


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