Monday, October 17, 2005

The Real Threat To Marriage

If you see me out you don't know me
Try to turn your head, try to give me some room
To figure out just what I'm going to do

People wonder why I have stomach problems. WELL!

So, not one, but two of G's friends are going to cheat this week. One woman told her husband and actually set up a whole week rendezvous with this college friend in their old college town.
Her husband has been crying for a month trying to stop her but has not been successful.

The other friend emailed G a few days ago saying she was having an emotional crisis and wondered if G was available Friday night. She said she was going to call tonight to ask a huge favor. We knew she had been involved with someone so we had a pretty good idea what might be up for Friday.

G and I have never really discussed our friendships with others in that much detail. We had a long talk at dinner tonight about what G would do if she was asked to provide an alibi for Friday night. I told her that I thought it was completely wrong to help out in any way. I just can't see being involved in that kind of deception for no purpose of your own. If her friend is conflicted and "needs" to do this, than so be it, but this isn't helping a friend according to the definition of helping.

When someone is not in love with their spouse, but has kids and financial dependencies, they do not find divorce an option. Physical and emotional needs have a way of bringing about an urgency to a situation.

G didn't want to let down her friend because she has been so upset recently, but she came to the conclusion that enabling the whole thing wasn't going to benefit anyone.

Indeed we were right, G was asked if she could lie about being with her friend on Friday night if the friend's husband called. G said she would support her friend in whatever she needed for anything else, but would not play any role in deceiving her husband. If I were her friend I would have told her she might need to see someone to figure out how to get her life together without all this drama, but that isn't how it is.

Tomorrow g's other friend picks up her guy from the airport after saying so long to her husband for the next week. How bold is that.

Jeez people, they say lesbians create drama. I beg to differ.


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