Thursday, October 13, 2005

Do They Make That In Skim

After a really bad night I called the doctor this morning. I mean I was up at 4 a.m. sobbing, while eating bread and milk trying to stop my aching stomach. It is like a throbbing headache but in the pit of your stomach. I was able to lay down and rest until six when I got up for another fun filled ten hour work day. Trying to get three kids up for school while fighting about breakfast,clothes, and lunches isn't really a picnic on healthy days, horrific this morning.
I was able to get an appointment between jobs. My doctor is really nice, it took years to find a good doctor and I hope I can keep her. She thinks I have gastritis, an inflammation of the intestinal wall. Maybe the beginning of an ulcer. She would have liked to have scheduled a scope, but said she would treat me without it if I wasn't bleeding internally. I wasn't, so she gave me forty days of medicine samples. I will not know for 4 to 7 days if the medicine is working. If it isn't I have to double the dose. I am not so sure I can wait for this to kick in. In the mean time I bought bread, milk, and yogurt to coat my stomach.
Next I went to put in my three hours of work at school, only to have a colleague happy I was available so that she could vent.
I only have to work five hours tomorrow thankfully.
I think I am gaining weight by drinking milk. Supposedly I was 4 pounds less than when I went in June. A little bit more chocolate milk and that will be back on.


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