Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You Didn't Do That

There are many people with interesting views on life. I happened along their path and caught glimpse of some quirky behaviors. I try not to be negative about people I've met because I am probably the odd one in most circumstances, so I will reserve any harsh critique for those who were less than nice to me. That would leave one person, wait, that would be two, if you count the lawyer who thought she was above me on an intelligence level. I should mention that all these situations really did happen. I am not making anyone up.

As I continued answering personal ads, there were several different things going on with me. First, there was work. The guilt was tremendous and I started to be fearful of someone finding out what I was doing. There is a work story I need to write about because it was probably the situation that made me aware of the craziness that had become standard when dealing with those in a religious organization.
Second, I was becoming emotionally attached to J through the winter months. She was my crutch when dealing with everything because she was basically in the same situation as me.
Third, while figuring out if I indeed was a lesbian, I got this really, really dumb idea in my head. I am not really sure how or if I can write about this. It is part of the year experience and it would be a huge hole in the story if I don't. I know I have written that I was about to become engaged twice in my life. Both men were about to pick out rings and they both had contacted my best friend about what I might like. They were Christian men. I won't say more than that right now. The idea. That is all it was when a situation appeared out of the blue that changed the idea into action just like that.
It didn't turn out the way I expected. Like it ever does with me. The story would be hilarious, Bridget Jones material, if it didn't involve breaking a commandment. Refer back to tremendous guilt. Anyway, maybe I have lost everyone, or maybe you figured out far more than I would like.
In the mean time I will write about individuals with some quirky behaviors that passed through my life.


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