Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Zookeeper and the Penguins

The penguins alive and well this morning.

Once upon a time, a small town girl became email pals with a city girl who answered her personal ad. (only did that once) Small town girl loved nature, classical music, movies, and literature. The two wrote each other every day about all kinds of cultural experiences. City girl was intrigued about small town girls way of thinking. They discovered they had much in common, even down to the tiny detail that they both had to sleep with fans as background noise.

One day small town girl asked her friend if she ever had a relationship with a woman. City girl did not know how to respond because, although she had answered small town girl's personal ad, sexuality was never mentioned. City girl decided to be honest and tell her about her extremely limited experience in college and her short relationship that had previously ended a month earlier. Small town girl reacted by becoming sullen and withdrawn. City girl suspected that it was a subject that small town girl was not ready to confront.

City girl decided to let small town girl know that when she was ready she could talk to her about the topic. Small town girl finally shared that she was in love with a friend who knew, but had no interest in that kind of relationship. The friendship fell apart because it became awkward.

Over the next month the topic did not surface again, but small town girl had changed. She decided that she wanted to pursue other interests and decided to leave college for the next semester. Gone was the talk of music and literature, replacing it was a curious fascination with, of all things, penguins.

One day country girl wrote and said she was leaving after Christmas to go to a city zoo and work with the penguins. She told city girl she would email her the address of the website where she would be working and people could actually watch the penguins and workers together. A month later city girl did receive the website info and checked out small town girl and her now beloved penguins.

City girl and country girl no longer had anything in common. The friendship had reached the end of its purpose.

City girl was already repeating this kind of friendship with a girl named J. J was not going to run off with penguins, but she probably should have, to spare everyone a whole lot of grief.

There is a happily ever after here, but you have to fast forward 9 months to the Librarian meets a future Dosimitrist story.

The End

Very Quirky behavior indeed.


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