Friday, October 21, 2005

I've Got This Crush

Totally inappropriate of course, but I have a crush on my doctor. I don't know why, but now I have to find a new one. What the hell happened to that really old guy I used to have. He was completely incompetent, but he never hassled me when I told him exactly what I thought I needed as medication.
I research things and am always up for a debate on how one would proceed with treatment. This drives most doctors crazy, but not mine.
I just know that it is very hard to be a patient of someone you find attractive.

What the hell... this will pass... when I get the bill.

My stomach is much better. Only 32 days of pills left to take. Of course I may be a hurting unit in a couple days when I can't take my 5 Aleve tablets for cramps. I have this Vicodin. It says take one or two every 4 to six hours. If I take two Vicodin I will be passed out and will not feel a thing. Should be fun...Yikes!


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