Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Only Everything

" i will tell you about my situation as soon as I know more."

"You mean you have a situation other than the situation that I know about? I haven't talked about my own situation, so you don't need to elaborate."

"it is not what you think, I have to find out for sure if this is going to happen and then I will let you know."


"well, maybe you can come visit me in CA. if i am lucky, i may be able
to go to san francisco, for a short period at least. that is my big "thing" right now.
i will find out when I get back from las vegas if i can go or not. we
shall see.... i am not holding my breath, but i really can't be here right now."

"California? What will you do out there."

"i am going to take some classes. i really need a break from everything that has been happening. if all works out, i would like to move there next year."

"I don't know if you will believe this or not, but I already figured
from your emails what you might be planning on doing. I mean.. about
going away. Well I think that really sucks cause I was gonna drag your butt
down here this summer to do some stuff! I didn't know if this was for work,
school, or just get away related, but I can understand how you need to get away,
and you seem to really like California. Well, I still think it sucks. :)
I want you to be happy though!!!

"hey, I told you about my situation. do you want to give me an update on yours."

"It was nothing, really, nothing at all..."


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