Sunday, November 06, 2005

Alternative Weekend

G was feeling kind of yucky this weekend so I decided to cheer her up by having us go down to the East side and eat at Beans and Barley for lunch and then go see a movie that wouldn't make it on regular theaters. Beans and Barley serves healthy, organic foods that I wouldn't exactly request, but I know G loves her hummus and pita. It turned out great, I had a vegetarian chili and a egg salad sandwich. It was all very fresh, but they could have left out the shoyu sunflower seeds and sprouts. Always those sprouts!!

We saw the movie Capote, which was a great movie that gave me another whole list of books I need to read. Didn't know much about the author, not even sure I knew about his great nonfiction work In Cold Blood, about the murder of a family in rural Kansas. The movie followed Capote interviewing the murderers and how he became so involved in helping with there case, to the surprise of all of his friends.
I admit, the first half hour was very difficult to watch. Capote was extremely flamboyant. His speech was, well, I don't know, you could hardly follow what he was saying. G leaned over and mentioned the same thing I was thinking at the time.
It got better and the movie was excellent. I went out today and bought the book he wrote after the case finally finished. All in all it was a good weekend.


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