Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another One?

My best friend is trying to decide if she wants one more child or not. Her clock is ticking quite loudly and she says the next six months are it. Gretch mentioned yesterday that she now has a three thousand adoption benefit in her work contract. I found that to be interesting. It is something we consider from time to time. I think I would make a great mom, but that doesn't mean a whole lot.

The holidays are coming and the family is debating if they should come down here or not. The holidays are always so God awfully difficult. It is not fun to spend the holidays without your partner. It just isn't right. I have eight kids to buy for, everyone needs to quite with the child birth.

I have been spending way to much money on the kids. Every week I buy clothes or something that they want while shopping. I have tried to save some of the things for Christmas, but usually I give in and they get it right away. I love getting the baby little dresses and tights and then dressing her up in the morning. Gretch knows that I do this and is ok with it. She seems to really understand my need to be maternal. I asked if I could have the boys tonight for dinner because I never get time with them except for the mad rush of the morning. Gretch thanked me last night for bringing them into her life. She is very good with them. I think we would both make good parents.


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