Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Damn That Waiter

"Hey Gretch, is our waiter gay?"

"My God, you are just figuring this out now? He has been our waiter for over a year and you couldn't put that together?"

"How was I to know?"

"Hmmm, maybe the da Vinci tie, perhaps the fact that he can sing like and angel, that he can even tell us he showers with a little space heater near him. I can't believe you didn't know."

"I guess, but... do you think he knows we are a couple?"

"We come in by ourselves on Friday or Saturday night, I credit card the bill for both of us....he knows."

I guess I am clueless when it comes to such things. All I know is that we were talking about space heaters and he says he is using one instead of turning on the heat at his house. We said we hadn't turned on ours yet and we kind of made a bet on who could go longer without it.
I would just like to mention that it is 22 degrees outside, 57 inside and I am about to become a popsicle. The fireplace isn't even helping anymore. I am cold!
I don't care if our little waiter friend does win, it isn't worth the agony.


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