Sunday, December 18, 2005

Idle Chatter

We had our Christmas with my best friend's family last night. We made spaghetti because it had to be kid friendly. The boys have a secret Santa gift shop at school and picked out some really cute ornaments for us. Gretch really loved being included as an aunt. She got a nutcracker and keeps going on and on about how special it is to her.

After they left we opened our gifts to each other. I am sad that her Spanish CD's did not make it in time. In fact I am not sure they will make it by the time I leave for home on Thursday. Amazon has been horrible to order from the last few years at Christmas.

Gretch gave me a day off from work. I can take a Friday off because she paid me for it. How sweet is that???? Of course I won't be able to do it until February because I have to prepare all the classes for the author coming and will need to jam my Fridays full until then. I am so looking forward to a day off.
I think we are really in tune with each other because all of our gifts seemed to really be something both of us were happy to get. I am getting good at the music aspect and she picked some wonderful books to add to the library.

So, Thursday I head up to my sisters and pick my mom up and take her back home. It will be a short stay, but we didn't know when we planned our Chicago trip that my mom would get sick. I will do as much as I can for preparing her to be alone, but the holidays will take up most of the time with relative parties. I will take her to rehab one day, but I am leaving the day she has to go in for testing on her heart to see what kind of damage she has. They still think it is minimal because she hasn't had any kind of irregular heart beats. I am hopping for the best. I still have a hard time relaxing, it seems I am always waiting for a phone call. I need to let it go and have faith that she will be alright.

We have really become home bodies lately. Gretch went snow shoeing with a friend this morning and I went to the store for some Alleve (Vicodin didn't even touch the cramp pain this month and so I am back to the forbidden pills with glasses of milk) and that is it. We are trying to clean up the condo and make decisions on what to do about finding a new place. The more we move things around and clean it up the more we like it just fine here. It can't be mine because of these damn laws, so we might not be able to keep it anyway. We are going to consult a lawyer after the holidays. It is about time we figure some things out since we are at the four year mark.

Since I am the laundry slave around here I best get moving on another load. Then it is back to lounging and perhaps catching up on some reading, now that I have even more books to get to.


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