Sunday, December 11, 2005


After a very packed Friday, I did not feel the need to leave the house the rest of the weekend. Yesterday Gretch dragged my butt to see Rent. It couldn't have been more than fifty degrees in the theater. I was frozen. Gretch loved the movie, but she was sobbing for the last 20 minutes or so. She is the kind that weeps over the littlest things in movies and wonders why I don't shed a tear. This time she was literally weeping. I go to movies to get away. Especially because of the events these past weeks, death is not something I want to watch. It had a great message though. Everyone should have a group of friends like that. I have no background with musicals other than Phantom and it is the God's honest truth I didn't know it was a musical until five minutes before I saw that movie. I asked G why she hadn't mentioned that fact and she thought I was joking. I thought I was going to hate it. I didn't. I come from Hickville, Midwest. When would I have had the opportunity to experience something like that? Now I have seen it on Broadway. Gretch has brought me up a few steps on the cultural ladder. I can't wait to go see Wicked in a few weeks. I think I would like to see Rent on Stage. In the summer, on a bright, sunny day though.
I bought G the Rent sound track for Christmas along with 4 other CD's from Spain. They were pretty pricey, but she loves her Spanish music and I can never find the groups she is looking for around her.

Maybe next weekend we can head down to the Oriental and see Brokeback Mountain. It got excellent reviews and it is a great love story. I read the book and know the outcome. I am thinking next weekend isn't going to be bright and sunny, but who cares, must support the boys.

It has been one of those never got dressed days. I love it. Tomorrow I have to work at school so that my best friend can go to her Christmas party during the day on Friday. It is our Christmas party after school tomorrow so it all works out well. I am hoping to work at least seven hours so I only have to go in one night this week. It is quite the challenge on these weeknights.

Ok, I need doing nothing. The very best kind of day.


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