Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Goals

Of course with the new year in full swing we have all been defining new goals for the future. I am pretty much sticking with an all around making life a little better plan. Physical, social, emotion, mental, it all plays a part.

Last year was not so great. The job change in Feb. and my moms health in November were really the worst things to get through. There were some good things to come out of the year also, some even relating to bettering my life through the two worst happenings.

Yesterday G went to the doctor for a pea sized lump between her breasts. It had been there awhile, seen even with a low cut shirt. I noticed this weekend that it had gotten larger and I asked her to get it checked out this week. She was sure it was just a swollen sebaceous gland do to the exercise bras she wears. Of course my imagination went into over drive and because her mom and grandmother both had breast cancer, I couldn't let it go. She got in early to the dermatologist and he made the same diagnosis G had. The only way to get it removed is through plastic surgery.
G said she felt silly, but used the appointment to get a little piece of her nose froze because she does get little skin cancer cells on her face. They are harmless if taken care of within five years of occurring. The guy was even shocked that she wanted that done so soon.

I gave in and let G book at trip to New Orleans in early March. It is one of her goals to travel a bit more this year. I hope we can figure out what to do about buying a new condo. For some reason that always gets pushed aside. I would really like to move somewhere new together.

I have many classes on Friday to get ready for our author. That is another issue that has to be addressed. A lot of work has came down through the channels lately, a whole lot more than a person with my hours should be handling. I need to say no, but I find it difficult. Growing a backbone would be a great goal too.


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