Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There is a Positive Side!

At the very least I like my days with the kids. It isn't easy, but I take great joy in being a part of their lives. My best friend is trying for a fourth child after a year of much thought. Her clock is ticking on years left to safely deliver, (well, these days I guess the age goes much higher, but why chance it)and the little one will be three in May so to wait much longer would put the last one at quite a distance from the older ones.
I am not sure what this all means for me. Gretch is all for me totally quiting my other job and just concentrating on the kids. The problem is that I wouldn't feel right because of the money aspect. I wouldn't be able to contribute much money to the household, basically my money would pay my bills. Yes, G makes very good money, but she also likes a style of living that I am very aware leaves little room for negotiation. We just aren't going to be able to stay home and eat a Campbell's meal from a can, or give up vacations. She also has become insistent on the condo by the lake plan.
She must totally be in love with me that is all I can think.

My days are filled with library story times, sledding, and playing princess. We leave the house to eat lunch a lot and people wonder how this is possible. Well, I can assure everyone we don't do McDonald's! The only time we visit that place is when the boys have off, about once ever couple months. No, we eat a lot of rice, chicken and Broccoli. (tree) We also eat a lot of healthy hospital food while visiting G. I have to get out of the house a lot because it is rather depressing during the winter and I need to be around more than just a two year old. I let her pick everything, meaning, we listen to children's music basically for ten hours straight. I am very, very tired of these Cd's and God forbid I don't sing along, but it is totally worth it when she says, I love you. Because she isn't going to go to a preschool I feel it is very important to do a homeschooling type program. She knows her ABC's can count to 12 and just learned circles. I can tell she is ready to add cutting to the coloring and pasting so we are working on that now.
I am having a great time and I know she is enjoying her days without daycare.
In this I have been blessed.


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