Saturday, January 14, 2006


We survived a long week topped off by a dinner party we hosted last night. Note for future....guests are well aware of the number of bottles of wine you have for the evening and will stay until all are consumed!

So we mixed couples together last night. Usually we have separate groups of friends we have over. People are different and unless is is a large party where people can mix and mingle we keep like minded people together. There were a couple moments that felt uncomfortable, some language situations, but I think everyone had a great time. I felt terrible because I took some Aleve and right away my stomach rebelled. Gretch said I looked miserable sometimes, but with my sarcasm in tow I pulled off being my ever funny self. At one point they were all talking about restaurants and wine, then changed to pizza places. Gretch nudged me, thinking I could chime in at that point. I leaned in and said, "Is this the time I bring up Rocky Rococo?" She shook her head and laughed and said I could remain silent. We talked about what we had in common as couples and when it came to us I didn't hesitate, "not one damn thing." We laughed and toasted to opposite attractions.

When our married couple friends talked about how they got a gay priest to marry them at the last minute after not finding anyone else who would do the agnostic wedding..well that was an icebreaker....seriously funny.

To Saturday....lying on the couch, reading a good book, and relaxing!


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