Monday, January 30, 2006

You are the first person I thought to call....

Just coming on long enough to vent a off a little bit of stress. Probably the reason why I haven't been on the past few days. The cheating scenario went as predicted. G's friend got home from her three week affair out of town. I gave them 24 hours to be in jail, back in the psych ward, or dead. They ended up in jail in 12 hours. I am really sick of the whole thing and wish G would just end all contact, but it isn't happening. She had to leave work a couple times to post bail to get her friend out of jail. People really should understand domestic abuse laws. You call the police, somebody must go. If you are a woman you better have proof you did absolutely nothing or you are going to. These people are in their 50's for crying out loud!
Poor G had to keep leaving work to go over to the jail. It takes hours to get someone out of jail. The paperwork is incredible. Unfortunately, the husband got out first and got back home. G's friend is sol. They made another dumb move by putting restraining order on each other. Since the husband made it back to the house first, he gets to stay.
It really has been a nightmare. One phone call after another.
My father was a police officer so I have some insider info. Like anyone ever listens to me.
Is this trashy enough, I would think so.

So, lots of night work this week. Our author is coming this week and I have to get ready.

This post was supposed to be about weebles of all things. That will be up next. It is a internet dating story, but one of G's. We both had some intersting stories to share when we met.


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