Tuesday, March 21, 2006

D for Dysfunctional

During the trauma of the past few months I changed by phone to have a song play instead of the ring. I got to be so obsessed with bad news that I would break out in a cold sweat anytime it rang. This actually worked and I don't freak out as much anymore. I was thinking about putting on the L Word song....they take out f'ing, but my closet is very deep as we know.

Anyway, my little song starts a playing today and it happens to be one of my sisters. Can I call mom, she is hysterical. My mom shouldn't be hysterical, she just had a heart attack. Unfortunately, I have, or had 4 fake aunts. My dad had two brothers and my mom had two brothers. I do not feel like I had a relationship with any of them. So, my 91 year old grandmother fell and broke her arm pretty bad last month. We decided she could not move back to her apartment because she made an unwise choice to walk to church when it was icy and very cold outside. So, fast forward through unimaginable chaos, (I spent the Saturday I was in New Orleans in the hotel on the phone with my crazy family)today my aunt tells my mom a few things about how she should help out cleaning my grandmother's apartment and my mom hangs up on her. While I am on the phone with my mom after getting the phone call from my sister, my aunt shows up at my moms door. My mom refuses to answer. My aunt just walks in and my mom hangs up on me. I swear, if my dad were alive not off this would be happening. So....I may have to go home and help out yet once again.
Sitting in a nursing home with my grandmother for a week three weeks ago wasn't enough. Crazy ass aunts. Perhaps I should just tell them I am a lesbian. haha, it would almost be worth the look.... but again, got to be aware of the heart condition of my mother. Excuses....
Every member of my family has been in the emergency room this past three months and I told my doctor I would just think about taking some anxiety meds. I am certifiably nuts..then again that appears to be genetic too.


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