Monday, November 01, 2004

So much to say, but no time to say it. It turned out to be a strange weekend. It is very different to take a trip to a place you were to in a different season. We tried to get back that summer feeling, but perhaps that is not what we should have been doing. Friday night was very warm and that was helpful while we walked all over town. We finally felt relaxed on Saturday and had a fabulous dinner at a nice restaurant in town. Everything was in walking distance and we only left the area on Saturday to do some shopping up the peninsula. Sad to say, this will be our last trip until March, unless we try to do Chicago some weekend. It is great to go over the holidays, but the weather can be bad and the traffic awful. An hour and a half trip can take up to three when conditions are perfect. We shall see.
Ahhh, election week. How fun this will be. I was refusing to let this get to me, but there is one thing that is bothering me, and that is the fact that this next president will perhaps pick members of the supreme court. That is very scary and maybe not how this system should work. For the most part, I am not going to freak out and get depressed should things not go the way I want. Times are changing, younger people will not but up with the kind of discrimination that the current regime has in place. There is a time for change and I believe it is coming, I just don't know the time frame. It would be nice if I were alive and still could benefit. This whole relaxed method of thinking does not mean I won't curse with the best of them tomorrow night if need be. I am going to a very liberal election party tomorrow night. It is always better to share disaster, or a win with friends.
What age is the limit for trick or treating? I have a feeling it is before seventh, or eighth grade.
If not, it should be! G and I stopped by to see the kids before they set off and see them in their costumes. We didn't stick around long, as we had picked up some fresh olive oils on our trip and wanted to try them out in a new recipe. While my best friends children were out trick or treating with their father and cousins, she decided to drive down the block to see if they were tired and wanted to be picked up. The neighborhood is upper middle class and it is a brand new subdivision of extremely nice houses. She left the dish (um, that would be a strainer) out on the porch because she knows the neighbors, and then was disgusted to find the someone had stolen the dish ( strainer) and all of the candy. Later, her husband found it in the middle of the road broken in two pieces.
I reminded her of psych101 and the term Mob Mentality. On there own, these middle schoolers wouldn't think of stealing and destructing property, but together it is a whole other story.
I am not sure why she thought there was anywhere left in the world that you could leave out candy. I am more pessimistic. The whole thing is just sad.


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