Friday, October 29, 2004

I am doubting myself and the attempt at a second blog. It is my story and I always fear someone will take it because it just is out there.
I am discovering that I am forgetting a lot of details and people that have popped up into my life.
I run the risk of being judged not just by others, but by myself. I am going to be open and honest, to a point, and hopefully I can forgive myself in areas that I need to be forgiven, and then heal, become strong, and open the door.
We are off on our mini vacation. I do not think the weather is going to cooperate, but shopping and restaurant are all inside so I am ok with that. We might make an attempt at swimming in the pool. I give that a very slim chance. Unless it is completely empty, and I somehow look slim in a suit. Yeah, right.


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