Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm still alive. By my last posts you would think that wouldn't be so.
It is a chilly October day. We could see our first snowflakes today. I was kind of hoping for a repeat of last Saturday so that we could get some fall pictures in the woods, but I think we may pass. We are going to a birthday party for G's niece. She has her e ticket to Spain and will be very excited. It is sweetest day and G gave me a new B&N card. I usually get that at Christmas, but looks like we will be looking at rings again. I hope we can get the same exact one.
G bought me flowers just because last week so we didn't really need to do the flower thing. It amazes me how long the fresh cut flowers that she buys live.
Next weekend I am going home to visit my family. It has been awhile since I went up there and I still have to deliver birthday presents for my nieces. I have to do some serious shopping this week. I am not liking the clothes I am finding. They have princess, hot stuff, or all that other crapola written on them. Oh no, I am very conservative when it comes to that kind of thing. The boys are so much easier to buy for. Christmas shopping is on the horizon. I was going to buy the boys a paintball game for television, but my best friend bought it already. She is so ahead of the game.
I guess it is time to work on the bills. The only good part is that every check I send in for the damn 400 dollar car payment, the closer I am to paying it off. What a huge error in judgment that was. I so wish I would have held on to the ten grand from my mom and G and I could be that much closer to a house. You don't know what is about to happen a month into your future so it doesn't pay to worry about it, I guess. You make your choices and then live with them, and right the checks.


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