Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm feeling sick and tired this week. I have a couple of things going on, but the most discerning presence being a nagging pain in the top middle part of my stomach. At first I thought it had to do with my lungs because I have some kind of draining going on and have doubled up on asthma medication in case that problem kicks in. I thought maybe my lungs were developing pneumonia. Then my heart started racing and I thought the pain was heart related and I was a bit worried over that prospect.
Next, I was sure it had to do with a new kind of monthly cramping that I had not been subjected to yet. I believe that stage has past and now I am wondering about the overdosing of Aleve that takes place every month and that perhaps I have given myself an ulcer. There is also a good change that this has to do with my ever present irritable bowel situation, or something new that is raising its evil head. Now aren't you glad you read through that list of complaints.
I had to sit down while teaching today. Having 25 kids in front of you when you just want to crawl in bed and sleep is most irritating.
When asked for a fact about Columbus, one first grader was very glad to offer up that Columbus was the first person to invent the Indians. However odd that might be, it was just the kind of smile enhancer I needed to make it a little while longer.


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