Friday, October 01, 2004

Do I even need to speak of the debate. I think Bush said the same three lines over and over.
Perhaps someone will wise up over it.
Lots of work to do today regarding plans for next week. I will be running around preparing in between classes. Seems the after school issue isn't being resolved. The program is losing money and it is my salary that might put it over the line. I am a little worried, but hopeful it will work out.
G is giving a lecture to students tomorrow and so I will have some down time. Well, perhaps cleaning time. Foreign film in the evening with a Thai dinner later on will be something to look forward to.
G is planning the Spain trip. I have decided not to go. I hope I don't regret it. I am not going out of fear, because staying with people I don't know doesn't thrill me, and I think I would be giving G's niece quality bonding time without me.
G is very sad about my decision, but I would probably stress over it the next few months and I can't do that.
Maybe there is more to this and I have to be honest with myself. The number one thing really is the fear of flying that far and I don't think I would feel safe right now in a foreign country. Way to let the evil win........ In more ways then one.


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