Wednesday, September 29, 2004

G and I went out tonight just to be able to talk and have some fun. We had a great dinner and then parked in the garage and talked. It got very silly at one point when I asked G to recreate the first night that we kissed.
I remember we were looking at photo albums and it took forever, and I was thinking, just do it already, five books of European pictures later. Tonight, after much giggling G leaned in for the kiss and it was successful, although I did have to comment that if it were really the first kiss you wouldn't have your hand there. We decided to go inside before the noisy downstairs neighbor decided to find out what all the laughing was about. It was a fun night. G wants to go to New York. I have never been there and have some reservations about it. I just know it is so big.
That is a dumb reason to not go, so maybe I will have to agree to this trip.
I know the Spain trip is going to be costly so maybe New York will have wait awhile.
I am excited! I won a gumby keychain on ebay. A leg fell off the old one and I need to get rid of it. Ahh... the little things in life.


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