Thursday, September 23, 2004

I was at the biggest dysfunctional dinner last night. I was appalled and humored at the same time. G's friend Steve was up from Florida and I knew it meant a lot to get together with him.
He would have been a major part of our life if things would have worked the way G wanted them to a couple years ago, but it was not meant to be. They have remained friends through some tough times.
Anyway, enter into the picture G's brother and girlfriend. They are apparently having some major relationship issues, but instead of waiting to discuss them in private it all just seemed to blow up last night. There is no way of discretely fighting. When one person continues to leave the table to cool off and then return like nothing happened it just looks silly. I felt bad because G ended up outside with the brother who broke down and let out all that has been happening the last two months. Meanwhile I am left holding the table of ten other people together as if nothing were occuring. I am not good at that kind of thing. I would rather just call it a night when that kind of thing happens. The problem was we were trying to figure out the check and couldn't without those standing outside. I have to be careful with these family issues. I admit to my weakness in not being able to stay out of things. I would be best served to stay out of the whole thing when it occurs. I don't understand that family, but my issue is that I have never been in a marriage type of relationship were I have to deal with extended family issues. You can't make people angry because they don't disappear. The next holiday or event pops up and there they are whether you like it or not.
How does one mesh together with another whole family unit.... when you don't want to?

Tonight a work dinner. I am not happy about this because someone was left out. I abhor that kind of behavior. I don't want to go sit and gossip with ex employees. I don't want to leave people out who would have enjoyed attending. Very Christian attitude people.

Maybe I will give up eating dinner.


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