Thursday, September 16, 2004

Another long day, but I was able to have dinner with the kids tonight. I think my best friend is stressed with the kids plus now taking on the foreign exchange student.
It was rather funny at one point when the kindergarten was crying because tomorrow he has to go in for screening by his teacher. He will have to say the abc's to her. He was promised McDonald's if he does a good job. He kept saying over and over he was getting up in the morning and going straight to McDonald's and would not be going to school.
At the same time, the third grader was crying because he was invited to a sleep over tomorrow night and he wasn't about to do that. It was like both were traumatized.
The foreign exchange student was trying to figure out why they were both crying. I think it makes him nervous when the kids are over emotional.
It is like he thinks they are hurt or something.
G is out to dinner with a friend that went to New Orleans with us. I am trying to catch up on laundry so I am not overwhelmed with it like last weekend. We have some plans and so I will not want to be busy the whole time.
Last night G and I went out for Mexican food. We have a great restaurant by us that has a mariachi band on Wed. night. Usually we go with a big group like next Wed., but it was fun enjoying the music by ourselves for once. It also happens to be the place that we first met. Unbelievable that we are almost reaching 3 years.
Yay for Friday. I can't wait to sleep and read!!


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