Tuesday, September 07, 2004

We had a great weekend. We didn't realize the Badgers were playing on Saturday, or that the taste of Madison was happening either. It was very crowded, but we were able to shop at some cute stores an get trinkets. I like to decorate for fall/Halloween. We ate at a middle eastern restaurant that had some great chicken kabobs.
Sunday we went to the baseball game and even though they lost, soaking up the sun was worth it. I must say that was the best stretch of weather we have had all summer.
I think that is it for vacation days until the end of October. I guess it is buckle down time.
I can't believe Nanowrimo is on the horizon. It is idea time. If you don't have a good idea that you can base your plot off of you will not get anywhere with your word count. Last year my story fizzled. This year I might take a more autobiographical take on the whole thing. You are supposed to write about what you know.
Last years story title was Scenic Route which came in at 7,003 words. Well, there were that many, but G turned off my computer before I saved the last 1000, but I really did write that many. You become a winner when you reach 50,000. I failed big, but I want to try again and at least double my word count. November is a hard month for this kind of added stress.


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