Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I was going to write a scathing post on the elections, but I am preaching to the choir. So, just two points: (disclaimer: I am not judging anyone on anything and don't care what you do as long as you don't make me live according to your rules. Just trying to get the point across.)

George W. will probably win this election. I am getting ready for this possibility. I refuse to be devastated because progress sometimes is slow and I refuse to give into the fact that things will remain the same. We have work to do and I include myself in this.

The two main issues causing the republicans to win:
moral issues

Terrorism: I understand that people in the world wish us ill will. The problem with acting as we are is that good people and nations are beginning to have a big problem with us. You do not want to have to stand alone. It is a simple history assignment people. You can't stand alone.
I fear terrorists, but I fear even more French, Spanish, and British people reacting in negative manners towards us.

Morals: I say this with seething rage toward those who condemn others while hiding their issues
away like they don't count. You lose over half of the freakin nations into deep layers of hell just on the divorce issue alone. Add in anyone who drinks, gambles, etc.. and nobody is left. Yes, once in awhile counts. What part of thou shall not.... says once in awhile is ok.

Part two of this: Moral beliefs should not be governed because they are interchangeable according to religion. The very basis of people here in America stands on the basis of "freedom to practice" the religion of their choosing.
I had a hard time dealing with this for a long time. I am a Christian and with that goes certain things that I think will happen to all of us. I do try to reason with common sense because after trying to piece my life into something I can handle in my mind, common sense always helps in the end. I mean in the name of common sense, the laws of the land should be based on Christianity?? Which group? Catholics, Protestants, etc.... Do you know that it is sinful to breakaway into different groups in the first place. I do believe we are all together in one sinking ship together anyway. (anyone reading this who is thinking I might not know about forgiveness and all that law and gospel has to offer, please don't go there, as I live it daily and choose not to go deeper for sanity reasons.)
Ignorance runs deep on the morals issues. A person G knows sent a mass email on candidates that was very offense to G and instead of ignoring it shot back at the person.
This person is is a republican and runs around guns ablazing, shooting of at the mouth about it.
Funny, this person was involved in an abortion episode and is now going to lose overtime benefits do to the new laws that went into effect this week. What the hell may I ask is this person thinking? How are the Republicans helping this person at all.

I am going to stop, getting fired up is ridiculous.
I should have written about the foreign student my best friend took in right off the plane from South Korea. I don't know how it all happened, but I got a phone call and they were on the way to pick him up. First I had heard of it.

I finally got my computer hooked up at work and.... well maybe this is not a good thing. Yikes!


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