Thursday, August 26, 2004

The wall has a hole and everything is covered and moved to opposite ends of both rooms. It is supposed to be finished by tomorrow evening. That would put me back there Sat. because open house is Sun. They don't call it hell week for nothing. So, like what the heck am I gonna wear next week. I didn't get to go school shopping yet.
A friend of mine sent me pictures from her trip to France where her parents just moved this spring. Her girlfriend and brother went with also. I am extremely happy for her and her brother because they came out at the same time and it was traumatic. Her brother took the brunt of the hassle, but I think their parents are dealing. I have made a promise not to put her in any kind of closet and so I right about her with pride that I was able to form this valuable friendship. She has taught me a lot about myself and for that I am happy. She also sent me pics of her art projects her students made in summer school. She is a great teacher with so much patience. She is now working on her Masters, while her girlfriend made chief medical resident of a hospital. They are also planning their commitment ceremony. It is always fun to read her emails.
I am going to get some rest, as I am sure tomorrow will be another long one. I need to find a sleeveless shirt to show off this nice New Orleans tan while it lasts.


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