Friday, August 06, 2004

We got rid of the cleaning lady for the time being, so my morning has been spent cleaning the condo. How fun.... I am not dusting or doing the showers. I am also not doing the floors. G will be thrilled that I actually touched anything at all because I am not a big fan of cleaning. When my best friend and I lived together throughout college I had to do all the cleaning. I spent one entire day each week because she was such a slob. Do to the fact that I now watch her kids I still end up cleaning her place .
We are trying to prioritize are money right now. If we want a house, we certainly need to cut back on a few things. I think we need to cut back on vacations and dinners out also. I mean it is ok to pick up subs or something, but these upscale restaurants are biting into the budget. Last night G wanted to go out to celebrate the results of the stress test. I had a great cod visuvio (sp) but I felt guilty.
On another note, we are leaving next Thur. for New Orleans. I am sure we will spent hundreds of dollars for the long weekend. People seem jealous of our trips, but we live in a condo. I hate, hate, hate living in a condo. I want privacy, a yard, and a basement rec room to enjoy during the long winter. G isn't happy unless a trip is planned for the future with tickets purchased. So I am not so sure how this will work.
Ok, laundry to do, the kitchen, and a visit to school. I am supposed to meet with a custodian to discuss positioning of shelves. I bet nobody is there.
Tomorrow we are going to the state fair with my best friends family. How Midwest is that. Sunday we are going out to dinner with some friends for crab legs. I don't know if I like them or not. We shall see.


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