Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It Takes a Sucker!

The baby was still sleeping so I called my boss this morning to figure out what I should do before the official back to work date.  Of course, as soon as she answered, the boys brought me the screaming baby.  There was only one thing I could do.  My best friend is making chocolate baseball suckers for all the players on her son's baseball team.  I was frantic so I grabbed one and gave it to the baby.  It was a sad, desperate tactic, but it worked.  Didn't hear a peep. 
I was sickeningly sweet to the boss.  I am less than pleased with what I will be working with.   Like I said, it takes a sucker.
Sorry, I only have soccer mom problems right now.  The boys fight and the baby is a nightmare in public places.  We have a routine that takes us out of the house for much of the day.  Luckily, my best friends sister has a ton of kids and so we meet them for lunch, or at the park for the afternoon, or they come over and swim in the pool.  The major events of today include the training wheels coming off the bike, and the oldest hitting a triple in baseball tonight. 
Last night they all made blueberry scones together after I left.  I told them never to do that again as I ate too much.  I didn't gain a pound on vacation, but stress has made me give in too much this week.
Sorry about the dull post, but at the moment this is my life.


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