Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I am anxious about my mom's surgery tomorrow. I talked to her tonight and she said if she doesn't make it, I should know she is in a better place. I reminded her it was just hip replacement surgery and it would be ok. Since my father died my sisters and I do stress about my mom's health. She isn't in the best of health and it is one of those things in life that everyone needs to go through. At least I didn't have to pack her up and move her like the last hip surgery, but I think being in the waiting room would be easier than being three hours away waiting for an all is clear phone call.
I can say that one of the reasons I am in a relationship now is because the of the death of my father. I just remember standing in the middle of the funeral home when it was time to leave and everyone was saying goodbye to my dad with significant others by their side. I was looking at everyone and was completely alone in so many ways. I knew after that night that I couldn't continue to live how I was. We were not meant to stand alone in situations like that. G will be staying overnight in my hometown for the first time this weekend. I am comforted by that fact. What a way to begin a vacation. I don't want to feel guilty about not sticking around for the week, but this is our vacation. My sister's are both going in August for the week. The timing just sucks. Oh well, it will all be ok.
We just finished watching episode three of The L word. I am into it. What the heck is with Shane? I find her the least attractive. Melissa Ethridge's partner (Tammy?)
that character is hilarious...so true Also true...the chart. G and I agree that we could do that chart for our city and connect everyone by six people or less. Perhaps the reason we do not socialize much.
Ok we are into the Amazing Race. W. is in town tonight and tomorrow and they were going to show live coverage as he arrived off the plane. If this show gets interrupted by that crap....


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