Monday, June 28, 2004

A couple that G has been friends with a long time came to dinner on Friday. I am always a little hesitant with them because they can be negative about my job, but it usually is something I can handle. It did come up again and I defended myself to the best of my ability. There were some new issues that came up involving my family and friends. What it came down to basically was that G's friends can't believe that my family and friends could be so ignorant as to my situation. They think that they are just not letting on that they know more than I think they do. I totally disagree. Believe me, everyone sees me as the person my job describes me as. I can get away with a lot. I can deceive with the best of them.
I am not proud of this whole thing, but I have a hard time bringing it all together.
I feel like G's friends are just as bad as the conservative people I work with. That isn't fair, I know it, but I get pulled in so many different directions. When I finally figure out how to solve it all, it will be such a great day.


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