Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I finally slept last night, but only to debrief myself over work. I had one dream after another about work. This happens every summer for about the first 4 weeks of vacation. The dreams include all the main cast of characters, but in different situations that one would not usually experience at work. I know it is my minds way of working through the stress of the past year, but give me a break. I want away from these people.
I am about to encounter a fresh kind of hell. My mom is going to have her surgery on July 14. G and I are set to go on vacation July 15th. We have had the vacation planned for three months. Someone has to be with my mom for two months after the surgery. Well, August is BAD for everyone because it runs straight through both of my sisters vacations also. Mom did not have a choice to wait any longer as she is in bad pain. G and I are going to spend the 15-17th in my hometown to visit mom and do some cleanup of her house. That is taking away our three days of our nine day vacation. We are to return home the next Friday afternoon. I do not have a problem with this as I want to be there in case something happens and I will be calling in constantly from out of town to check up that week. I guess the problem lies in that I am also going to New Orleans in August during the time both of my sisters are planning to be gone. Again, this was a trip we booked in advance of knowing about the surgery.
I have offered up two weekends in August that I can go home to stay with mom. One will require getting out of a work function on a paid work day before school starts which will be frowned upon because "you just had the whole summer off."
I do not want to cause my sister any grief over the process as she is handling everything with illness problems herself and with her husband. I guess I just need to whine about the fact that when my mom had her first surgery 5 years ago, it was during the same week of my spring break, and the same exact week my mom purchased a house and had to get out of her apartment. So, I rushed home, packed my mom up and cleaned the entire apartment by hand by myself, and then sat at the hospital the rest of the week in fear of her dying. I believe I was at wits end as I went back to work. My two sisters I did not see that week much as they had small babies at the time and were tired with their own problems. Ugh!!
Things are going well with the kids, I was late this morning because I decided to travel a different route and it took twice as long. I had to call and say I was going to be late and that of course woke the kids up and I had them up all ten hours.
We spent most of the day outside. Tomorrow is library day. I read 4 chapters of How to Eat Fried Worms to the 8 year old and he loved it. I am such the librarian when it comes to getting the kids to read. The funny thing is, their mom is a librarian too so there is no getting out of it. Librarians rule!


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