Sunday, June 13, 2004

I am pretty much known as a pessimist, but I am trying really hard to see a different view on things. I remind myself of the first graders on the playground when they are playing a game and all you hear is, " that's not fair!"

This weekend has been interesting to say the least. My sister, who is staying at my best friends house, was supposed to be out of here by 9:30 this morning so she could go to our nieces recital back home. Well that certainly fell through the cracks completely. I love seeing my family, but sometimes I just can't handle the way they operate. I promised G we would have the day together since we have been almost leading separate lives again, but that means telling my sister I can do a quick lunch and then I gotta go.

G was a good sport the whole weekend. I didn't get home till late Thurs. as my sister was shopping at the locale W-mart and held everyone up. Friday I worked all day with co-workers I really think need to be lead out of the cult right about now. Friday night as I was preparing dinner for the family, I burnt my fingers really bad on my right hand. One finger is blistered, while the others just have first degree burns. So, after finding enough ice packs to get me through the next couple hours I drove down to do the cancer walk. I was very uncomfortable to say the least, but managed until the rain came pouring down and I ran out of ice. Friday night I did not sleep a wink, if the ice wasn't directly on the burn it stung immensely. Finally I just went on the couch and propped my hand with ice. Sat. involved packing several icepacks once again, and spending the day at the zoo. My best friends family came along so there was a big clan of us. It was fun to watch the kids, and G hadn't been there for a long time so we had fun. They are trying to expand the African animal places and I commend them for that. Those poor animals were not meant to be housed like that.

So, I am going over to try to get things moving with the family. I promised G the afternoon and evening and we are going to Barnes and Noble. G to study, me to read.
We will probably do dinner at the Olive Garden which has some new dishes that are pretty good.

Happy Sunday for once!!


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