Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What a long day at work. I ran out of boxes and grabbed a teacher friend to help me find some. We started at the local Walmart where the witch at the counter asked me if I was inquiring about free boxes. Hello there missy, you work for Walmart. The very least your corporation can do is give a non-profit some boxes to move. We basically left, but had a bunch of fun making fun of Walmart shoppers. What a crowd.
(I by no means am cutting down people who shop there in general. It is just this particular one attracts an interesting crowd.)
Next, we went to stein's, where my teacher friend proceeded to dump out boxes full of bagged grass seed. I, being the scared person that I am, went to find someone to tell me it was ok to take boxes. Luckily, I ran into a former student which is helpful in these situations. I asked her if it was ok, and she had no problem. Always treat your students with respect, as you will meet up with them in the future. I have hundreds of the them after ten years. They wait on me in restaurants, stores, offices, etc, all the time.
Anyway, as I was politely asking, teacher friend tells a worker she is having a bad day and she was going to get bitchy if someone didn't help her find some boxes. She had 20 of them in about 5 minutes.
We had a great time making the most out of a terrible situation. It was 92 today and everyone from school is out dumpster diving for boxes. Like teachers say, "use your words"
either bad, or good, it worked for us. Didn't go into one dumpster. Amen.


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