Sunday, June 06, 2004

We did the bike ride this morning. My godson did great on the five miler. He actually complained that he wished he could have done the 25 with G. I tried to explain that we would have had to do our route four more times and I think he finally understood. I do think we could have done the fifteen, but then again I would have been hurting on that one with all the hills.
This afternoon we were going to finally buy flowers to plant on our balcony because the weather is in the 80's today. What was that I said about shorts!
anyway, we walked outside and laying on the pavement some 50ft. away is a fawn. It was laying with all four legs spread out flat and crying while trying to stand. I became hysterical!!! My first thought was that it had been hit by a car and all of its legs were broken. I yelled at G to do something. A guy walked out of his condo right in front of the deer and I screamed "do you see that?" He walked over to where I was standing and said the deer had been around since yesterday and he called animal control or something like that and they said they didn't deal with things of this nature. I was almost crying while still yelling at G to do something. I screamed at the guy about the poor deer being put out of its misery and I would dial 911. Ok, I admit I was being dramatic, but this poor thing was crying and trying to inch its way away from us laying in the middle of the condo parking lot. Finally G got through to the humane society, but had to leave a message as they were out on a call. I went back into the condo cause I couldn't look at the poor thing anymore. I think G knew I couldn't function until something was done so proceeded to go speak with others who had gathered. A group of people said they had seen the mother deer early in the morning and one guy thought the deer was newborn explaining the leg situation. He just couldn't use them. The deer had been walking, but only in grass. As he got to the cement he couldn't make his legs work. So, as G was explaining this to me the phone rang and it was the person from the H.S. G explained the situation while walking back to the neighbors. I did not go as I was traumatized for crying out loud.
They women suggested we all leave it alone (no don't give it a bowl of water as somebody suggested) it is natural for a deer to leave a baby during the day and come back by following its scent. If humans get to close it wouldn't come around. The neighbors were told to watch the deer over the next few days and if the mother didn't come around again we were to call back. Because we are on the nongrass side we gave the number to a neighbor as we couldn't see and I think G didn't want me involved anymore. I am still worried. The poor baby was crying almost like a cat and his legs were straight out which is something only newborn animals can do and so it was very disturbing because we hadn't thought of that. I hope the mom comes back and they move away from us. It just wasn't a nutural sight. Perhaps if the deer had been on the grass when I first saw it. I need to stop thinking about this now.... Yikes! I also hope I don't see that neighbor guy for awhile. He probably thinks I am some hysterical lunatic.


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