Thursday, June 03, 2004

hehe, Blogger went with the religious comments. Why not, it is my life. God Bless!

speaking of which, I did a killer fac. devo this morning and am quite pleased with myself.

I got my car loan bill today. I originally paid for half of the vehicle outright a month after I bought it new two years ago. (thanks to mom) I thought, as did the person selling it to me, that buy paying so much I would never have to pay the whole $400 dollar a month payment. I have been paying $200 thinking I would pay it off in full before my lack of full payments caught up with me. As of July 14 I will owe the full amount every month. I still owe $9000. What the hell was I thinking?? I wasn't thinking and that is the problem. I can't even blame it on young and dumb. I am not that young. My goal in life is to be debt free when I die. I figure as long as my debts to society are paid, society has nothing to say. How f'd up is that!!
This is my view on things right now though and I am trying to convince myself.

Hoooray!!!! Graduation was tonight and year ten is over. Now if the darn library would up and move itself I would appreciate it.


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