Sunday, May 30, 2004

So, I am on my way to dinner with my mom and on the drive she starts ranting about rain and God's wrath on certain populations. I have this anger button and when someone hits it, it is like I see lights flashing or something. I really just exploded and it went something like this....
Mom, you need to get out more, you have a small town mentality and it really isn't how the real world lives.
The real world has the bible too.
I am so sick and tired of people quoting bible verses mom. You people pick and choose what you want and leave the rest out. You toss one at me one more time and I will throw six back at you. You know you really need to stop going out to the casino. God will rain down his wrath on you.
You mean I can't just go out there once in awhile for fun.
No, mom... what does the bible say!!! Do not pick and choose bible verses I am very tired of it and you never know who you might be speaking to if you know what I mean. You just never know.
Are you trying to tell me something here?
No, I just don't like the way you pick and choose, you are not perfect you know.

Then, we conveniently get lost in the city and the conversation dies as we circle for an entire hour while G is waiting for us.

Notice how I get angry, but weasel out of her questioning. So I try to talk to my friend Yo, but she is very hard on me when it comes to religion. I tell her that at the time of my email my mother is watching televised church. She makes me laugh with her hysterical comments, but she can't help me. Nobody I know can cause they have already went past the steps that I can not take. Both her and her brother did it at once. Her brother got the brunt of the screaming. Her father went all out on him. Then they up and moved to France. For crying out loud my family is not going to move out of this small f'ing town.
So tonight I took my mom to the cemetery to see my fathers grave and grandparents etc...
I was the good daughter for the moment.
I miss G and want to go home. I have had enough!!!

I wrote to blogger ads and told them to kindly get rid of the offensive ads .. they obviously picked up on the movie quote. I wish google would scan the net soon so they would disappear.

Maybe the jello gelatin ones will come back. Perhaps Elvis will make it. Watch it will be some religious site.... hehe I would totally laugh!!


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