Friday, May 28, 2004

What a week!!! This is the first time I have had to even turn the computer on since Tuesday. I am exhausted. Wednesday was jury duty day. I can tell you this, I have enough character studies to start my novel. Jeez People!!! Can you get any stranger?
I only had to be downtown for 4 hours, but I saw enough odd behavior for a life time. Now I do realize that I am a bit sheltered now that I work where I do. When I was in social work and working the 24 hour help line I met all kinds of interesting people. I also worked with runaway teens and was introduced to the most dysfunctional families around. Now ten years later, I can't handle a simple jury duty crowd. Elvis was there. Where do you work if you dress in black, slick back your hair, wear a big guitar necklace, and have to longest sideburns known to man. I will have to talk more about this group later. I sat and read and people watched, and then at noon was dismissed. I don't feel too bad, I was already on a jury that sentenced a man to prison. Another story for another night.
Wed. night was a three hour dinner with G's friends. We had just spent Sunday with them as one ran her first marathon. I find these people intense. I do not drink, so it is difficult for me to spend hours on end with people who get more self promoting and loud as the evening wears on.
Last night I went to my best friends for dinner with the kids. The house was in mad chaos with screaming kids and a mess. When I feel bad sometimes about not having kids I think about the times when my friend is one crisis away from losing it and I am thankful for the peace and quiet at home. Although, G and I agree that if we had children we would focus less on the trivial matters that seem to pop up and create an argument. We argue about the silliest things sometimes. Later we laugh and realize we would not have time for such detail if we had children to worry about. Will we regret this later????
Today I finally got word about the move. I need to back up the books in boxes. This is just about as insane as it gets. I took a lot of time to train people to but the library online and now that won't happen this summer. I am just going to let this go for now. I can just do it, or freak out and then do it.
Tomorrow I am going home to stay with my mom. We are going to go Sunday out of town to a restaurant she likes. G is going to meet us. It is almost half way between my moms and our house. I don't want to leave for the weekend, but I haven't been home in awhile and I have no real good excuse not to go. The past few years on this weekend I went camping. This is quite the change. Hopefully I can get some reading done. I checked out three of Anne Tylers books and will try to get into them.
Yippy!! A three day weekend!!!


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