Wednesday, June 02, 2004

We went out to dinner with some of G's relatives tonight. Totally new to me is how to handle a partner's family issues without sounding too negative on the family. I have one sister who is vocal when it comes to her husband's family, and I have a sister who personalizes everything and gets hurt a lot. Both sisters have received letters from their mothers-in-law after confrontation. I am not so sure I want to follow that path.
I really don't want to stand by and watch relatives be hurtful and demanding, but I don't know how to respond. At one point I had to put my hand on G's leg and glare so the conversation didn't take a turn. Can I say at home, "your brother is being a total jerk?" I mean G knows this, but can I bring it up. G's sister is not speaking with the father and so we had to take the niece to dinner with us. Of course then we have to update the sister afterward and make sure she wasn't talked about. Yikes, I am emotionally exhausted. This was supposed to be our night with G's dad and stepmom to treat for a birthday dinner. They invited G's brother and girlfriend and girlfriends mom showed up too??? We had no idea they were coming and they all had dinner together last week. Dad and stepmom are just back from Florida for summer. My suspicion is we are not good enough to be alone with. G would not agree, but hey I don't think they accept everything as much as G says they do. This is me being my suspicious self. As long as I don't get any letters....


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