Friday, June 04, 2004

The popular controversial blog of the moment...scattered words. Ok, so I read about this guy several times and finally read the blog. I didn't need this. I have enough people messing with my head. In instances like this I just use simple common sense. That is all that is necessary. I hope I can avoid this blog like the plaque. I don't understand what trackback means so I am not going to reference the site. The guy does point you out on his blog and I don't need any hassle. A simple search brings it right up.

This brings up one of the reasons I won't go see a therapist for help on anything. I don't want anyone else getting inside my head. I mean I have a social work degree and recommend counseling for people all the time. I am not a very open person anyway and would not answer questions. At least not truthfully if pressed.

hhmm.. suspicious and paranoid... a couple reasons why i should go see someone.


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